Our Paid Hosting package comes with free SSL Certificate, we also offer generous amount of disk space and premium quality bandwidth. Featuring cPanel control panel software and auto script installer, we have the right tools for you to use in order to make your website easier to manage and maintain.

Please Point Your Domain To Our Nameservers Bellow, In Case You Didn't Buy It From Us! The Following Nameservers Works Only To Paid Hosting Account Only

Server1 Swazi Host Premium Servers Nameservers;

r3.gigilist.com    ---> IP Address:
r4.gigilist.com    ---> IP Address:

r5a.swazi-host.com    ---> IP Address:
r5b.swazi-host.com    ---> IP Address:

Server2 Barcodehosting Nameservers;

r3.swazi-host.com    ---> IP Address:
r4.swazi-host.com    ---> IP Address:

r5a.gigilist.com    ---> IP Address:
r5b.gigilist.com    ---> IP Address:




Saturday, May 15, 2021

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